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Converting over business leads to new business takes strategy.

I have worked with some high-preforming individuals and teams over the years. There are some constant traits I have seen when it comes to make the conversion to a new customer.

They do more –

High performing teams or individuals take the extra steps that are needed in the process. They deliver on information pieces or tasks that are a key element in this. They continue to keep the ball rolling, so to speak, with the potential new customer. This could include new insights or data that the person or group has not yet considered. In other words, they outwork their competition through strategy and effort.

They set expectations –

When a new lead comes in sometimes the business owner is not sure of the process. A high performing individual or team has honed their craft and skill of asking questions to set the tone what to expect. When do you want the campaign to start? When do you want delivery of the new equipment? Then the consultant delivers on what needs to happen next precisely to meet these thoughts and expectation.


These are some of the examples of this theme. If you are a buyer or decision maker you will pick up quickly if the consultant will deliver more in order to earn the business.

Always deliver more. This increases the chance that the conversion will eventually happen from prospect to new customer.