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Working with a communications consultant is critical when considering project timelines.

Most communications professionals are used to working on strict time commitments when getting items finished. 
This can take a lot of focus and attention to detail.

These areas can be great strength areas of a consultant in helping business owners and partners on track to get their needed communications messages out.

Time Savings –
If you have ever communicated with an owner or business partner their time is precious. Being a trusted and valued communications advisor can help them focus on their critical items while the communications projects are finished.

Timely Targets –
Communications professionals have worked their entire careers with deadlines in mind. They are comfortable discussing where they are with projects and are in most cases great estimators of time management. Having these experiences can greatly help your communications project with time expectations. 

In Summary –
These are just a few items to consider with timelines and time of projects. A great communications professional can have these and other conversations with the owners and partners to help everyone stay focused and committed to the project at hand.