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On-Demand content, marketing and strategic technology services.

Content Creation – Marketing / Technology Planning

JML Communications helps business owners and partners with added boost, help, or ideas for these important growth areas.

JML Communications is a think tank of business process and communications needs. We also bridge communications, marketing and technology together for multiple outreach layers within a business. If you are interested in improving your content and marketing I am here to help.

Jake Long

Jake Long

Owner - JML Communications


My name is Jake and I am a communication and business consultant bringing my writing, advertising and technology experience together to guide businesses in multi-layer projects.  Click the button below to be taken to my LinkedIn page to learn more about me and how I can help you!  Looking forward to connecting!

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My Thoughts

Broken Chains of Communications

Broken Chains of Communications

A chain is intended to be a stable and reliable application for pulling heavy and strong items.  If you have ever picked up a chain and parts of it break off right away the entire chain is useless.  The same can apply to communications. Communications appear...

Managing Meetings

Managing Meetings

Securing visit times to discuss your opportunity might be one of the most challenging parts to the process. The layer of managing the next step has come more to mind: Are their intentions still to meet (especially if meeting is 1 to 2 weeks out)?Have a strategy ready...

Managing Stakeholders

Managing Stakeholders

About seven months ago I had visited a business about to open. I was offering marketing services. The owner then told me she wanted to get her location up and running before making an investment into advertising.  I recently stepped foot into the restaurant with...

The Zooms

The Zooms

Honestly it's been a change this year handling video conferences. It feels like you are on TV and entertaining your watcher at the same time. Here are a couple points how to get over The Zooms: Take control of conversation with concise questions, Give acknowledging...

Communicating your offer can be challenging. I have the experience to help!

We all know that communicating your offer effectively is a challenge. It’s not always easy to articulate the value of what you do in such a way that resonates with people who may or may not care about it. This can be especially hard when you’re trying to get a customer on board for something they have never heard of before, like with new technology products and services. But there are some tried-and-true ways to make your message more powerful and persuasive. The first step is figuring out WHY someone would benefit from what you offer, which helps them understand the need for it in their life/business. Once they understand this need, then highlighting how YOU can deliver on this need begins to resonate. It would be my pleasure to guide you on your journey to telling a compelling story about your service or product!

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Must Read…

Here are three posts that represent my philosophy of communication and describe how I can help your business hone its messaging.

 Every business needs to communicate with its customers in order to grow. This section contains a selection of three posts that express a summarized form of my philosophy of communication and how businesses can make their communication more effective.

The first post is titled “Time Efficiency.” In this article, I talk about how impactful it can be to have a helping hand when it comes to crafting company communications. The second post is called “Communications Creativity.” Here I discuss how marketing creatives have a special touch when I comes to reaching customers.  Last but not least, I share how my experience with communication technologies ties everything together in a third post titled: “Technology Consulting.”


Time Efficiency

Working with a communications consultant is critical when considering project timelines. Most communications professionals are used to working on strict time commitments when getting items finished.

Communications Creativity

If you are an owner or business partner you most likely have an idea where you would like to start. Putting all the pieces together might seem challenging. A communications and marketing professional is used to asking a lot of questions with the goal to bring everything together.

Technology consulting

Business owners and partners have many things to consider: budgets, personal decisions, quarterly / yearly plans, trends, etc. Interesting enough the technology a business owner or partner selects will eventually impact all of these business areas and many more.

clarify your marketing message

Develop and write compelling content that is relevant to your audience.

It is said that people don’t always buy the best products, they purchase what has been communicated to them most clearly. Most businesses pride themselves on their quality product or service but if it’s not marketed well then no one will know about its benefits.

The idea of marketing can seem like a daunting task for many small business owners who have limited time and resources at hand; however, when done correctly your company could see an exponential increase in sales with just a few tweaks here and there!

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