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Recently I was asked to attend an in-person visit.

The goal was to get important information to examine what to do next.

We were attempting to get the payoff amount on a vehicle.

Instead, the sales manager went into his own talking point. He was the new person there. He just started as sales manager last week.

It was obvious the sales manager did not want to provide the information. He did not listen to the request.

We ended up leaving the location. This only inspired to eventually go somewhere else for help.

After we got back home we put a phone call back into the car place. We were told the person was not there. That the person would call back. Within about 15 minutes the call came in. I could tell by the sound of this person’s voice he did not like that we were simply trying to attain financial information to assist in a decision what to do next.

I wonder about the sales processes that some companies go by. In this case I am not sure if I would personally consider them. Consumers are smarter than this.

All the sales manager had to do from the start was to listen. Instead, he wanted to listen to himself. Active listening is an important characteristic these days. Perhaps we will eventually find a car place that wants to listen better.