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A chain is intended to be a stable and reliable application for pulling heavy and strong items.

If you have ever picked up a chain and parts of it break off right away the entire chain is useless.

The same can apply to communications. Communications appear simplistic on the surface. But if any form of communication is not followed or understood it can be unproductive.

When working on projects with others here are a few ideas to keep things together: 

Ask questions on timelines. If working with another person ask when would they like to get certain items done by. 

Various subjects can be presented at work since other coworkers can have diverse knowledge or experiences. If something is new to you then you can always ask qualifying questions in looking for examples what is sought after in a project. 

Set expectations: We all have different strengths. I was on a project recently and had to reset the other person’s expectations. This might seem to be an awkward conversation with someone but the sooner to clear up any thoughts can reduce future frustrations. 

In summary: 

The workforce has changed. There are many communication methods now. Staying on focus can help make the chains of communication stronger and more productive.